• Extra Information about the rules

    Make sure you follow the rules, we know there are a lot, but we just want you to be informed as well as you can be. This is just to prevent misunderstandings.

    The rules are stated on this page and if you would like to know more about a rule, just click on it to expand it!

    The most important thing on TostiMC is that we are a community. Be friendly to each other and behave yourself accordingly.

    One last thing: if you don't follow the rules you might find yourself muted or banned some day.
  • Tosti-staff

    Tosti-staff tries their best to make your experience on TostiMC the best. Even though you might not feel that way, they are trying their best for you and they are also following the rules. If you, however, experience any problems with a staff-member, you can send an e-mail to support@tostimc.net to report them. Please include as much detail and proof as possible if you do so.

    Secondly, Tosti-staff consists of Tosti-players that applied to become a staff-member. We're always looking for new staff-members so if you think you've got what it takes, please send an apply e-mail to apply@tostimc.net you can find the format you should use here or apply on the forums directly

    The staff is always trying their best for you, but remember, they are staff for a reason. Listen to the staff-members and be respectful to them. If, for example, a staff-member tells you that the discussion is over, don't continue about it. Please be a good sport in this case and accept that they don't want to continue talking about it.
  • 1. Do not hack.

    On TostiMC we don’t allow the use of Minecraft client modifications. The use of these modifications is strictly moderated and monitored.
    There are, of course, some types of modifications that are allowed, but please keep in mind that you are responsible for all activity on your account.
    This means that you’re also responsible if you are unaware that a modification is interfering in any way.

    Blacklisted modifications
    Any modification that gives a significant advantage to players in-game is a blacklisted modification.
    All modifications which alter the way that your client sends data to the server are not allowed, also if they fall into an allowed category.

    Allowed modifications
    • Client performance improvement modifications (e.g. FPS improvement mods)
    • Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders modifications)
    • Minimap modifications, provided they don’t show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems.
    • Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications

    You can also find a list of allowed modifications over here.

    Any other category of modifications should be treated as not allowed. This includes modifications such as sprint modifications, autoclickers and macros.
  • 2. Mouse abusing is not allowed.

    We can’t detect if someone is hacking and using a modification to alter their clicks per second, or if someone is just mouse-abusing.
    That’s why, at TostiMC, mouse-abusing is not allowed. This includes gaming mice that "double-click, no matter if the setting was on by default or manually assigned. Since we can’t detect the difference between hacking and mouse-abusing, you will get a permanent ban for it.
  • 3. No spamming, a.k.a. chatflood.

    Spamming is not allowed on TostiMC. This means that you can’t send the same or a slightly different message several times quickly behind each other.
    If you do this you will risk a three day mute on the server.
  • 4. No accusing.

    On our server we would like everyone to enjoy a hacker-free environment. When anyone accuses another player for hacking, a lot of the times the supposedly hacking player, turns off their modifications.
    We would rather ban the hacking player so nobody will be bothered by them again. So please use /report to report anyone of who you think they are hacking.
    If you still keep accusing players of using modifications, you will get an offense for accusing. This will give you a thirty minute mute and 20 AJS.
  • 5. No spoiling.

    We want UHC’s to still be fun for everyone, even after you died. So we require players who died in the UHC to not spoil anything they know about other players.
    We don’t want you to yell ‘full dia’ in chat or anything along those lines. This way we will keep the UHC fun for everyone. The offense you’re looking at is a one hour mute.
  • 6. No advertising other servers.

    Since you’re playing on TostiMC we don’t want you to come to our server to promote other servers. This is because it’s annoying for players and staff and it causes chatflood.
    When you still promote for another server on TostiMC, you will get a two day ban and a three day mute.
  • 7. No advertising YouTube videos.

    The same goes for advertising for your own YouTube channel. We don’t want you to cause chatflood and it’s still an annoyance.
    (If you are promoting videos on TostiMC, however we will look the other way ;).) The same punishment of a two day ban and a three day mute is in effect.
  • 8. No constant cursing (Profanity).

    We don’t want our community to be toxic. Cursing towards someone or constant cursing in general is not allowed. We would like you to keep the chat clean so we can just play a nice game together.
    For normal cursing there are different mutes you can get. Most of the time you’re looking at a mute for about half an hour. Heavy or constant cursing, however, will get you a three day ban.
  • 9. No camping in the 1v1’s .

    Camping in the 1v1 arena’s (or in any other arena for that matter) causes disturbance and delay for player matches. We would like you to not camp in the 1v1 arena’s because of that.
    What we consider camping is basically digging down in the ground and staying there or building up in the air to start skybasing. The punishment will be a one day ban and 10 AJS.
  • 10. No asking for OP or Ranks.

    Please don’t ask for OP or for ranks. If you do this, you will definitely not get them. If you want a rank on TostiMC, you will have to apply. You can do this per e-mail.
    On the site www.tostimc.net you can find the format you should write your apply in and the mailadress you should send your apply to, is apply@tostimc.net.
  • 11. No offensive remarks about racism, sexism, religion or war.

    As we said before we want players to be clean and nice to each other. Racist or sexist remarks are very disrespectful and in some cases they can even be very hurtful.
    The point is: just don’t do it. You will get a sixty minute mute for disrespecting someone.
  • 12. Offensive skins are not permitted.

    What are offensive skins? We don’t want skins with nudity and skins with war-logo’s on them are also definitely inappropriate. Any skins implying racism are also not tolerated.
    You will get a chance to change your skin if you are seen having an offensive skin, otherwise you are looking at a one day ban.
  • 13. Offensive names are not permitted.

    Names with curse words in them, names with racism or sexism in them. Also: a combination of the three of them. If we think your name could be interpreted as any of the above, we will still ask you to change your name.
    If you won’t or can’t you will get a thirty day ban. This is only because we can’t know for sure if you just changed your name or not. As soon as you’ve changed your name you can be just as easily unbanned.
  • 14. English in public chat.

    Since all our moderators speak English, and most of the players can also speak English, we would like everyone to speak English in public chat. Like this everyone can understand what the other players say and can everyone communicate with each other.
    If you can’t speak English or if you want to speak in your native language, please use /msg or use our TeamSpeak to communicate with your friends! The ip of our TeamSpeak is ts.tostimc.net.
  • 15. Do not bug abuse.

    If you find any bugs in our network, please don’t abuse them. We would like to fix those bugs so if you find any, please report them by sending a tweet @tostinetwork. If we find you abusing an important bug that should be fixed, we could decide to give you a one day ban.
  • 16. Do not abuse helpop.

    We have this handy system on TostiMC, called ‘helpop’. Helpop is a system you can use by using the command /helpop. Via helpop you can ask questions or send messages that can be read by staff only.
    For example, when you’re playing the UHC and you don’t know how to check out the config, you could use /helpop to ask a staff-member. However, if you use it for your own fun to send random messages, we feel like you’re abusing our handy system.
    You will get a one hour ban for abusing helpop.
  • 17. Do not impersonate or “pretend to be someone”.

    This rule is valid for: famous persons and staff (mainly). We just don’t want you to pretend someone you are not. Of course you can answer questions other players ask if you know what you’re talking about.
    However, if you are unsure of anything you are saying, please don’t say it at all. For famous persons we don’t want to have any confusion with who you are.
    If we find out you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, you will get a three day ban and a seven day mute.
  • 18. Report hackers.

    This was also already in the rule for ‘no accusing’, but please use /report to report people of who you think that they are hacking. Staff will review these reports as soon as possible.
  • 19. Respect everyone.

    It’s a simple rule. Just respect everyone and stop being salty.
  • 20. Be a good sport.

    We want all players to be sportmanship-like. Be a good sport. Let the other player know you enjoyed the game, but don’t be salty when you lost or when you didn’t enjoy the game.
    The whole point is: say nice things, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all.
  • 21. Listen to the staff.

    Also: simple rule. Just do it. Staff likes it when you listen to them. I think they kick on it.
  • 22. Account sharing and security is your own responsibility.

    If you share your account with anyone, it is your own responsibility. This means that if the person you’re sharing your account with, hacks on TostiMC and gets banned, that we won’t unban you “because it was not you”.
    We can’t know that is was not you, so just think about it before you share your account with someone.
  • 23. Buying and selling accounts is your own responsibility.

    If you buy or sell your account, it is also your own responsibility. If you buy an account that is banned on TostiMC, we can’t help you with that.
    We don’t know who is actually behind that account and we’re not just going to unban players that have been hacking on our beautiful server.
  • 24. ELO boosting is not allowed.

    Our ELO system is meant to show your skill in comparison to the other players, boosting ELO by forging match results will influence this. Therefore we do not allow ELO boosting.
  • 25. The use of a VPN is forbidden.

    Players tend to use VPNs to avoid IP-bans or getting caught hacking from their own IP. Even though we try and block all proxies and VPNs we can't guarantee we block every single one of them.
    Using a VPN is against the rules because we do not indulge IP-ban evading.