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    Frequently asked questions!
    • How do I become a builder, moderator or staff member of any type?

      Moderator & UHC host applications are always closed unless posted on the front page in news. Positions like builders, developers or other types of staff are always open for new people. It really depends on your portfolio, experience and knowledge whether you will be accepted or not.
      If you are interested make sure to give it a shot and send an email to support@tostimc.net
    • I want to donate/just donated, how long will it take to get my rank?

      Usually donations clear in about 15 minutes longer than 15 minutes is very unusual but can occur. Make sure you stay in the HUB servers because else it won't update, the server will automatically broadcast whenever the donation clears.
    • I am banned, can I please get an unban!

      If you were guilty, we wont just unban you, we're sorry. If you were not guilty and still got banned we're really sorry! If you didn't appeal yet please visit your player page to make an appeal so the senior staff can take a good look at it.
    • How many subscribers/followers do I need for VIP rank?

      Currently we accept applications from players with more than 5k followers or subscribers, you need a few videos/streams on the server and matching views in comparison to your followers.
      If you got more than 5k followers please send an email to support@tostimc.net to apply for a VIP rank.
      Dont forget to include a link to your TostiMC player profile, and your YouTube/Twitch and Twitter.