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  • TostiMC PM Revamp on 11/23/16

    Hello TostiMC'ers,

    We are proud to introduce you to a big upcoming update: PM Revamp.
    We're not going to tell you everything about the PM revamp, but here are a few spoilers about the revamp.
    The PM revamp will contain the following things:
    - A new system that fixes the lag on all of our PM servers
    - New PM maps
    - A whole revamped system for the ranked & unranked PM match-making

    Do you want more sneak peeks and/or spoilers about the PM revamp?
    - Make sure to retweet the following tweet on our Twitter account (click here for the tweet), for every 30 retweets we get on the tweet we will give you a spoiler and/or sneak peek of the PM revamp!

    Current sneak peeks (will be edited everytime we give you a sneak peek on Twitter):

    Sneak Peak #1
    Sneak Peak #2

    Be sure to get ready & be hyped for the awesome PM revamp!


    SpookyDoom & Planckton

    P.S. If you have any suggestions, make sure to send an email to or send us a message on Twitter @TostiNetwork

  • Developer map #4 - Fixes, fixes and more fixes! on 10/16/16

    We still have a discount running to celebrate Halloween, use the code "HALLOWEEN" for 15% off your €10+ purchase.
    Have fun with all the bug fixes and new features!

    - Added a /ping command to see your own and other players' ping.

    - Fixed a few bugs with the villagers
    - Fixed a bug with the scoreboard not updating correctly

    - Fixed a bug where donators could spam-click the Random Teleporter
    - Lowered the chance of getting the Fire Aspect enchantment
    - You can only break logs from now on
    - Stuff now gets cleared when a player gets banned 
    - New FFA map (Snow biome)

    - Fixed a bug where the health of a player was still visible on tab when a 1v1 match ended
    - Fixed a bug where your armor was displayed in the /uhc command

    - Fixed a bug where you could report yourself
    - Fixed a bug where you could report banned players
    - You can now only report with a reason

    - Added the launchpads in the UHC hub
    - Fixed a bug when there spawned a combat logger when a player got banned
    - Added the /dr or /donatorroom command for donators that teleports you to the end of the parkour (/donatorroom or /dr)
    - Fixed a bug with CutClean (It didn't drop experience when you mined iron or gold)
    - Changed apple rates in Rush to 1% and in Vanilla+ to 1.5%
    - Limitations now lets you break the block but won't drop the items.
    - Fixed a bug where spectators could interact with doors, trapdoors and fence gates
    - Fixed a bug with BestPvE
    - Added a custom scenario called TimedEnchants (Every 5 minutes you lose all of your xp. So you need to enchant quick after gaining levels)
    - Fixed a bug with BloodDiamonds not taking absorption hearts

    - Party system
    - UHC stats
    - Autobans for the anti-cheat
    - Revamp of the private match servers

    If you ever find a bug on our network. Please report it as soon as possible by sending an email to or mentioning us on Twitter: @TostiNetwork
    Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for some more Developer Maps!

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